There are foods that I like [food for honey] and [woba miso].

One of the pleasures of domestic travel is

One of the pleasures of domestic travel is ""food"" after all! I want to eat once again while I have gone through various things such as company trips and individual trips! I will introduce what I thought. First of all. ""Okage yokocho"" near Ise Shrine. It is famous for red Fuku ne. Many ""Ise"" foods are gathered, but the one I would like to recommend is ""Uno flower donut"" of ""Tofuan Yamanaka""! Fluffy and slightly sweet and you can eat as many pieces as you want! I've been eating a variety of donuts, but I like the donuts here the most. Even though you are fried in oil, you will eat many pieces! I am not good at putting oil, but the donut here is a taste not to feel it! It was delicious after all as it was cold. I want to eat it again. And the second one is ""Sea bream of Awaji Island."" I had a course of snapper, but this one is all good again! Sashimi, cooked rice, simmered snapper, deep-fried snapper etc ... etc. Even the same bream sea bream can change cooking method so that you can get various variations so delicious, it's impressive! So you do not get tired of the same ingredients. Sashimi is as simple as you can, fried chicken juicy. I am tight and my fish is satisfied as I eat meat! I enjoyed it until the last minute. The onion dressing I bought for souvenirs was also delicious. Awaji island is also beautiful with scenery and I would like to recommend it for traveling. Of course, the food is really delicious!

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