There are foods that I like [food for honey] and [woba miso].

After all the rough tea of ??Okinawa cuisine was the best.

After all the rough tea of ??Okinawa cuisine was the best. Okinawa cuisine was different from the mainland after all, and to be honest, there were many things that did not fit the mouth. Sashimi of glittering fish like tropical fish, goat's sashimi, goya champloo are not suitable for a moment. I also ate Okinawa soba, but it's subtle to say clearly. In such a situation, what I thought was huge was raftay. It is close to horny boiled pork, but something is different. I say that it is more soft, what is it saying? After all I am making it using awamori, I guess it was very tasty. If you eat it while drinking Orion beer, it is already the best! But in Okinawa, I change to Awamori from there and become Bevelon Veron, so I do not remember much that I ate ahead. Oh, I remember that, ""like tofu."" Rotten tofu rotten, no, fermented guy. I was advised by the local people, I ate a little at the end of the toothpick, but, ""First off ..."". Awamori is getting bad from a bad point, and it will be more veronberon. Yeah, after all just rafting is a good memory. Wonderfully, when you eat it by buying raf tea like a product exhibition, it is not so tasty. Um, I guess it's delicious because I eat it with Okinawa air and Orion beer. I also wanted to go to Okinawa for a long time.

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