There are foods that I like [food for honey] and [woba miso].

Regional cuisine, which was my domestic trip, is Yamagata's

Regional cuisine, which was my domestic trip, is Yamagata's ""Kotonaku"". Until then, I had not felt charm in the Tohoku district much, and there was a prejudice that the dishes do not match with the mouth with a strong seasoning, so I rarely went to Tohoku. In addition, there is only the impression that it is a snowy prefecture such as Yamagata. However, seeing is believing. It seems that it was a terrible mistake. Just a few years ago, my friend lived in Yamagata prefecture, and I was invited to ""Would you like to come with me?"" I thought that I wanted to go to the mountain temple that was introduced on television just before that, OK with an immediate answer. As a friend, I decided to go to a mountain temple at that time because I decided to take another action on the first day, as I got around relatives as soon as I arrived. My friend also went to Yamadera many times, so it seems that he was ok to return. It was difficult to go up to the top of the mountain temple, but it goes without saying that it was a wonderful temple as rumored. And there were many sold in the approach to the mountain temple ""Kotonaku."" ... What is it, Konnyaku? . . At first it was not intriguing, but it was exactly the daytime when I got off the mountain, and the dining room was full everywhere. However, I can not help being hungry. So, initially I did not feel charm, I decided to buy 'Tamakkaku' and eat it. It is tasty and tasty. Something tasty. At one time it became ""Tamakon"" fan. On my way home, I took the trouble to go to a local supermarket and made ""Tamakoni"" a souvenir. Every other regional cuisine you had at the inn was delicious. Hot spring is also good. Yamagata. What a psittac! It is around this time today.

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